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Advanced Oral Cancer Screenings

 Many diseases, such as cancer, can show up first or spread to your mouth before any other symptoms of the disease have shown themselves elsewhere in your body. In addition to a traditional visual oral cancer screening, we can take your treatment one step further with new fluorescence technology. With this new technology, we are able to detect oral cancer, pre-cancer, and other abnormal lesions at an earlier stage, thus saving lives.

Did you know that throughout the last 7 years, the number of oral cancers has increased while all other cancers have declined? Here are the facts about oral cancer:

- 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will develop cancer in their lifetime

- 69% of oral cancers are found in late stage

- 40% of new diagnosis are young, non-smokers

- The CDC recommends an annual oral cancer screening for anyone over the age of 17

                              - Risk factors such as use of tobacco products, alcohol consumption, age, genetics,                                    or diabetes greatly increase your chances of developing oral cancer

- 1 American dies every hour from oral cancer

Don't wait to be screened. Oral cancer is very aggressive, and a few weeks can be the difference in life and death. Contact us today at (888) 477-2555 to schedule your consultation and oral cancer screening today.